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Can the BLOB viewer window size be made larger/saveable?


In, when I click on the “(HUGEBLOB)” text in a BLOB cell in a grid, I get Toad’s “Blob edit”. Clicking on the “eyeball-on-paper” icon brings up the BLOB Viewer in hex mode.

Can that window size either be saveable and/or made larger? The default is too small for the fixed font, which does not appear to be change-a-bubble.


yeah I’ll do both.


Looking great in, John!

Now if you can have it automagically fix improperly converted HTML from RTF in millions of blobs, that’d be great…


yeah, and maybe the conversion of a BLOB column to a CLOB column!

I failed to mention that the blob may also contain non-character elements.

Or that the table has a column that is an aggregated (pipe-delimited) combination of items whose types are determined by another column.

Or that that column is part of the PK.

Or that I do not care for BLOBs.

I sure am glad that Oracle 10g made us DBAs obsolete! Whew!