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The Toad did Not Responding when I export to csv

It just happen recently very frequently, I always uncheck “display all results in grid”. If the records are big, most of the time, it will hang. But occasionally, after 30 minutes wait, it came back to norm, and begin to export after that 30 minutes. Either way it takes too long for me to export it. Can you advise?

I'm guessing you are doing an "Export DataSet" off one of your data results grids within Toad.

How many records in total are you trying to export? How big is "big" when you describe the record lengths being retrieved? (e.g. 50mb? 1mb?)

Lastly, you don't have to retrieve all the columns when you export, per snap below. Does the period of inactivity still happen when you export only a small subset of the data? e.g. you can change the SQL used to extract your data in the Dataset tab... does that help?