Toad 10.6 update in data grid

With a new install I seem to have lost the ability to move through the data grid using the directional arrows and update a cell at the same time. Meaning I could update a column of data using cntrl+v and then down arrow to the next row, over and over. I must be missing a setting now? Any help?

It sounds like you have row-select on. R-click and make sure row-select is not
checked. Another thing that might help, is the “immediate edit”
option. Do an options search for this one.

I did have Row Select on, but turning it off did not change the behavior. Nor did the Immediate Edit. Thanks for a quick reply.

After the paste, click “enter” and then your arrow key. Try that

That does work. I’m not sure why the change, as I don’t remember which version I just upgraded from. It will be a bit more cumbersome to accomplish but that does work. Thanks. Much appreciated.

Yes, we had to change the behavior a bit here to better support multi-line data.
If I’m missing anything, I’m sure Mike (the developer) will chime in

Glad I could help.

In previous versions of Toad, character data containing more than 1 line of text
would be displayed having newlines represented by boxes or some other weird
character representing a non-printable character. This was useful to many
people. When we upgraded our development tools and built Toad 10 that feature
was removed from our grid component. The grid column was then changed to a memo
column which supports multi-line data and paints ‘…’ at the end of the first
line to indicate that more lines exist. A memo column is probably the best
choice for character data anyway since it can contain newline characters. It
does have the side effect that you note where arrow keys want to navigate the
data and not the focused cell.

What he said