Minor Annoyance

Argh, Me Hearties!!!

I’ve just become somewhat up to date. We’ve moved from and
Windows XP to and Windows 7.

There’s been a few changes

The minor annoyance that I’m experiencing is when I’m using the
Schema Browser data entry grid.

I seem to recall that if I changed a data item and then used the navigation
(arrow) keys to move down off the record it would do it, now I have use the
Enter to key to tell it, “I’m done”…

This seems like a really minor thing, but I’ve spent years training myself
and “argh!”…

Don’t get me started on Office 2010

Steve Booth

Arrgg Steve!

8.5 to 10.6 – ye moved from last year to yesterday! Well, progress it be,

I’ve seen it wit me own eyes, yer problem with th’ hither an’
yon keys. Seems th’ grid can now be used fer multiline data, an ye can
hither an yon t’ them other lines! Figger ye better start usin ye old

Arg! And I just noticed that I could highlight just a piece of the screen and
thought it so kewl…

But at the price of mee beloved hither and yon keys?

Oh, the shame of it all….