Toad 10 - ftp error (low priority)

Ran into an error with Toad FTP. It is a trying to access a directory on a slow server, and I think it is just timing out. I used Reflections FTP and was able to connect (took about 2 minutes).

If it is a timeout error, could Toad fail with a timeout message? Or allow a user modified timeout value?

Ian Jackson

EurekaLog 6.0.20


I’ll take a look at making it more graceful. I’ll also see if I can add a timeout setting.


Are you FTP’ing to Jupiter or something?

We have a directory in unix that is a ‘mounted’ drive in VMS (dec) (visible in
both servers). It is meant to be used only to transfer files from one server to
the other without FTP. But we need to verify that the files have been created
before moving them to their final destination, and copy some of them to windows
to view the contents.

Toad is the easiest solution since we use it for almost everything else … and
learning unix or vms editors is not easy when the younger developers / testers
are used to a nice GUI interface.