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Toad 12.1 and subversion: Failed to check out project lit to working folder C:\svn


Hello, I am having serious trouble using subversion with Toad 12.1.

Here is my setup:

Client: CollabNetSubversion-client-1.8.3-1-Win32

Server: SVN 1.8.3 Windows Server 2008

I have placed a number of project on Subversion, and then I try to create code collection from Toad.

Trouble is is that when I choose the project sometimes it works … and sometimes not … and I am not able to determine the cause of this behaviour … I highly suspect a bug in Toad … Does anyone can relate ?

I already tried to enable the debug logger, but unfortunately the command that causes the problem is not listed.

Thank you for your help, getting crazy here …


I’m having the same issue. I can do a manual SVN checkout from client but not using Toad. After doing a SVN checkout , it creates the folder structure on the client but when I login to Toad and try to checkout a db object, I get the above error message.

Here is my configuration

Server : VisualSVN Windows 2012 R2

Client - TortoiseSVN-

Slik-Subversion-1.8.5-1-x64( command line client)

Here are the steps I followed

I. Perform an initial checkout of repository from clinet machine using

svn co --username <> --password repository command

  1. Login to Toad and login to VCS

  2. Try checking out a db object, got an error message “working folder is not SVN directory. SVN must perform an initial checkout” .

  3. Click ok to checkout but got error “Failed to checkout project to working folder”

Any help would be appreciated.