Toad 12.12 Access Violation


Today I installed the new 12.12 non-Beta version, i.e.

And now it’s giving me access errors.
Here’s the error log:


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Abe Kornelis

Getting this on shutdown? Are all things equal on your machine between beta and GA (same Oracle clients, same machine, etc.)?



I’m really sorry - I do no longer recall the details.

I do know I was really stressed to complete a set of changes for our test team,
so the issue was most inconvenient.

By the time I got around to submitting the issue, the details were already gone.
I was aware the information might be incomplete but guessed you might want
to know about the incident anyway.

and maybe I was terminating Toad on purpose - that could be.

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Oops - incomplete reply.

To my knowledge everything should be the same.
There might have been a windows update. I guess that’s not what you’re hinting at?


More or less interested in the clients. The AV call stack appears to be in a finalization which occurs at shutdown. Specifically the AV is coming from our third party component that sends commands to the db via OCI as it’s attempting to wrap things up. I thought maybe you had a client or machine change that would have introduced a new Oracle homes environment than what you had during beta.


Ok - I get the gist of it. I’m not aware of any such change.
At the same time - I’m running Toad in a hosted virtual desktop.
So, at least theoretically, things may change without prior notice :frowning:

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