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Freeware Toad Oracle 12.7 64 bit: Access violation


Very strange… I’m getting access violations w/ Freeware Toad Oracle v12.7 64-bit, as soon as I establish a connection - but ONLY against some of my Oracle (Oracle servers. Against others (Oracle, it’s perfect.

FWIW, I had to upgrade from Toad 12.5 today and it’d worked flawlessly, in the past. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Minor tweak to clarify when the error happens


Thanks, it’s a bug. It’s fixed for the next freeware release. I don’t think there is any workaround in the mean time.



I have been experiencing this with version both 32 and 64bit installs. I thought it may have been linked to container/pluggable database change but the initial poster is right it is the newer version of Oracle 12c that is the issue.

Is there an expected date when the bug it will be rectified?




It is not just that particular version of Oracle. We’re using Oracle 11 with the 32-bit 10g client (and 32-bit Toad/freeware, same version as you) and it happens for us as well.


from where have you downloaded this version 12.7 ?


The link is currently broken. Support is working on it and will update the board once the fix is complete.


when i download an earlier version it does not start , and asks me to update it to the latest version , what should i do ?

i do not mind working with an earlier version , but how ?


You’ll have to sit back for a bit and wait for the problem to be resolved. Greg mentioned several times that the admins are aware of the broken link. It will be updated shortly. In the meantime you can download and install Toad Trial if you need something right this second. It’s a fully functioning, expiring commercial version. You’re pretty much hosed on your expired freeware until the new version’s link is fixed.