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I configure Toad Team Coding with GIT.

I’ve a oracle instance with 5 schema ( 5 different owner). I create 5 different projects, one for schema, to manage the versioning.

If I open 2 session in toad , one for schema A, another from schema B , when I switch session from user A to user B Toad start to think a lot , 2/3 minutes.

Before Git I used CollabNet and I haven’t this problem!

Someone can Help me to fix this problem?

thanks a lot


Copied from another thread for other users who might also be having this problem:

Hi Francesco,

There was an issue with Toad 12.8 and Git which caused numerous queries to Git for the config’s user name. This has been fixed in the 12.9 beta. I’d suggest giving the latest beta a try. Much of the engine within Team Coding has been rewritten, so it should perform much faster.

Have you signed up as a beta user yet? If not, you can register as a beta user and download the beta here:…/

We generally produce two public betas a week, so if you come across issues and post them on the beta board, they’re usually addressed pretty quickly.


Hi John, thanks a lot for your help

I try to download and install the beta version.

I update you asap.