Toad 12.8 Default Ruleset


if I put the default Rule 6801 test code in toad for Oracle 12.8 and I start the code analyzer, then I can’t see the 6801 below code violations.

Also 6801 has no xpath input and for this reason it is not testable. The link below says that ISO 6801 already caused problems in toad 11. Is it possible that it cause similar problems in toad 12.8? Cause I really would like to use it, but it’s not possible if I can’t test it.

“Rule 6801 (Ensure all statements can be reached [dead code]): Now supports full Oracle syntax (formerly only Oracle up to 9.2 was supported). Fixed for correctness.”

Many thanks in advance.


After inspecting our code base I’m sorry to say that the release notes are in error. Today this rule does not work at all, a rework is in the pipeline but not yet finished.