Toad : if you visualize a tablespace and you need to visualize datafile specifications, when you click on datafile name you'll get ORA-00942 in for Oracle Versions 9i and previous ...

In Toad 1212 all is ok.

We spooled the relative code when we did the operation.

In Toad 13.0 only we saw this as last action :

select space
from sys.dba_recyclebin
where space is not null
and space > 0
and ts_name = ‘’;

Why so ? What’s the use ?

Thank you

p.s. in older releases like 9i and 8i recyclebin do not exist … and we still have some old releases …

We do some things differently depending on if recycle bin is empty or not. The query is to determine that.

You’re right, we should not run it prior to 10g.