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Toad 14.1.120 - Exception on Code Template

I frequently encounter the problem, that Toad suddenly encounters an error when using the Code Template feature. I am working as usual (i.e. executing SQLs, programming some stuff in packages, ...) and suddently creating a code template in the editor (e.g. ifte -> IF THEN ELSE statement) throws an error.


The stacktrace from the details:

There are several workarounds to this issue (like opening a new editor and then doing a code template there), but it's still annoying.

Until Dev chimes in here, do you notice a pattern with specific steps that lead up to this issue? Is ifte the only code template that throws the error?
I'm not able to reproduce yet.

Hi Gary!

Nope, unfortunately I wasn't able to identify a pattern yet, else I would have mentioned it.
One thing that maybe plays a role could be custom templates, which I use far more often than the default templates that come with Toad.
I could keep track of which templates throw an error, but I think it's relatively even spread.