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TOAD 14 Export Dataset is broken

I am having trouble using "Export dataset" feature in TOAD
If there are two null following null value columns in a row, TOAD 14 does not export the row with the correct number of delimiters.

SELECT 1 as row_number, 1 as col1, 'One' as col2, 1.1 as col3 from dual
SELECT 2 as row_number, null as col1, '' as col2, 2.2 as col3 from dual
SELECT 3 as row_number, 3 as col1, 'Three' as col2, null as col3 from dual
SELECT 4 as row_number, 4 as col1, '' as col2, 4.4 as col3 from dual
order by 1

TOAD 14 exports (using Pipe delimiter)


So in row_number 2 the value of COL3 is put into COL2.

TOAD 13 correctly exports this:


Thanks. This got reported through support recently.

This only happens when:

  • Format is "Delimited Text" option,
  • "Scientific Notation" is unchecked
  • "Include null text" is unchecked
  • "Number Quoting" is set not set to one of the "including nulls" choices

You can change any of the above for a workaround.

We'll have it fixed soon in beta. Sorry about that.

Hi John,
thank you for sharing the information.
I will continue using TOAD 13 for these exports until the availablility of the bug fix.

Best regards, Volker

Fixed in the current beta, which you can get here. Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta

A change log is in the comments section of that link.