Toad 15.1 cannot read tnsnames.ora withOUT oracle client

We have upgraded to Toad 15.1 and, Yes! it connects without Oracle Client Installed!
However it cannot read, nor be pointed at, tnsnames.ora :frowning:
This means users need ask a DBA for database hostname, service name and port number, before that connect.
Does Quest have a timeline enabling TOAD to read the tnsnames.ora ora, in the same way as SQLdeveloper, and displaying a list TNS database names?
Ideally TOAD would go one step further then SQLdeveloper and look for Oracle's environment variable TNS_ADMIN to find tnsnames.ora !
thanks Alex

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the feedback. I do intend to add support for TNS_ADMIN env variable without the Oracle client. I hope to do that for the next version, 16.1.


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I looked at this a bit yesterday and it will be a lot easier to add than I thought it would be. It will be in the next beta.

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