[16.0.74] TNS Names editor using direct more

When using the direct mode (don't use the oracle client) the TNSNames Editor button is enabled and the green checkmark is shown but I get the following error when clicking on it.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-31 um 07.53.06

But using the selected database still works, so I think the tnsnames.ora is still found and used.
Or am I missing something?


Hm, so where is your tnsnames located then?
In a location specified by tns_admin?
in same folder as Toad.exe?
Either of the above should work...so...is it somewhere else?
I am wondering if it is in a client that you are not using.

It's in the clients network\admin folder.

Ah, yeah, I guess that is how it is finding it for connection. You must have connected with that client in the past, and Toad still has the association of that Oracle home with that connection.

It's supposed to only find the tnsnames.ora in the above-named locations in no-client mode. You got lucky on the connection. The message on the tnsnames editor click is correct. workaround: add the tns_admin env variable and point to the client's network\admin location (or move it somewhere else, to be shared by all clients and no-client mode)

Ah ok. I'll add TNS_ADMIN to the env.

I know this is old-fashioned, but I think you'll have to restart (or at least log off/on windows) after adding the environment variable.