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Toad 6.5 will not install on WinXP (max .Net 4.0, but not 4.5)


The latest Toad for SQL Server 6.5 Installation Guide recommends .Net 4.0 for Windows XP (page 7). However this is not correct.

The installer will not allow the product to be installed unless we have at least .Net 4.5, which cannot be installed on Windows XP machines.

Here is a screen dump of the error:

So I guess we're stuck with Toad 6.1?

Hi ,

You can still install on XP by extract the installer:

1.Run command line, and type this cmd:

“FilePath\Toad for SQL Server 6.5 Commercial.exe” /extract

then you can extract the installer, and install each product.



Neehow Cathy. It works!

Maybe you could inform the developers to develop the installer to detect the OS and provide appropriate support? Thanks


Thank you for your feedback!

Since Microsoft will not update the XP operation system, we may not fix this problem.

Best Regards,


Thanks Kelly, but it doesn’t matter as long as I am able to update the product and it’s still under the Net 4 environment, then all good. Eventually I expect the product to have as a minimum .Net 4.5 or 5. We will then hopefully have upgraded by then. Cheers