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Latest TOAD SQL Server for Windows XP and Beta versions

Why is it that I can install and run TSQL beta versions on Win XP, but not be able to install the latest official release?

Ok, this is a question on how to get and run the latest version of TOAD for SQL Server under Windows XP (sp3)

I know the latest “official” release of TSQL for Win XP was 6.5. However, there are quite a lot of bugs in that version and by my experiences, it seems the most stable TSQL version has been 6.1 for Win XP users.

We are going to migrate out of WinXP this year (finally!), but until then I have to manage our databases using what I can under Windows XP.

I’ve spoken at length about this with our Australian sales and support personnel, who was very helpful. He looked at this and came back with TSQL version 6.5 as the last and final WinXP release of the program. However, I can still install and run TSQL version 6.7 Beta releases, well beyond the official release, and they work fine in Windows XP.


Is it perhaps the official releases beyond 6.5 rely on .Net 4.5 and above as their installers are built in that framework, but not the program? The reason I ask is because the only way to force TSQL 6.6 to be installed in Win XP, I have to bypass the installer and go via command prompt to install it. It works, but it’s messy.

I am happy with the Beta releases every month and they work for us, as they’ve included a lot of bug fixes reported since 6.5. But when the latest official 6.8 TSQL is released, I fear that it won’t install on my machine due to the installer program.



Our next official release will be 6.7. We still can install 6.7 official release TSQL via command prompt in Windows XP.

Sorry for your inconvenience.


That’s ok Kelly, but the installer program needs to be backward compatible.