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TOAD - Insert Statements SLOW - Script Issues

My previous version of TOAD was version 7 operating on an older laptop and I never had much issues with it. WE had laptop refreshes to new models and TOAD was installed. Since then I’ve noticed that a lot of things are slower. I used to have no issue inserting 5-10K rows and it would be pretty fast. Now I find that it takes forever to do manual inserts into tables. I also get a lot more “Out of Memory” msgs when I run large scripts.

Also Scripts I run sometime it just hangs on a statement but if I cancel out of the script and run that statement on it’s own it runs fast and fine no problem.

Guess I am wondering if there are some settings in TOAD that need to be toggled to optimize it’s functionality. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank You!

There are literally hundreds of options setting that can influence many aspects
of toad. For example doing a Save As where toad writes the data in memory to the
grid as well as to the file can suck up all your memory – but there is an
option to control this. I cannot remember which version of toad – but
under main menu->help there is a toad advisor to help you more easily find
potential bad option settings. But one really needs to check all the options
– the defaults cannot always be right for millions of users. So users need
to check/set them for their special needs.

You’ve gone from Toad 7 to toad 9.7 – that’s a HUGE jump. And
even so, 9.7 is old and un-supported by Quest.

You can find a lot of good information on – and of course


One quick thing to turn off is script history. We’ve made many improvements to
that since 9.7 but that option causes all of your output to be copied to the
history tab which will eat more memory.

Also, if you’re just doing thousands of inserts, you could send it to QSR or to
SQL*Plus to free up Toad. Or you could group your inserts into Anonymous blocks
so instead of executing 5 – 10k statements, you would be executing a few
hundred. Less back and forth between Toad and Oracle means faster execution.


Where do i go to turn off script history?