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Slow editor with F9, quick with F5


working with the latest beta I notice a notable slowness in the editor. If I do a " select sysdate from dual" with F9 I get the popup with Processing and after3-4 seconds Toad is back. The query runs in 16ms. If I run the same with F5 TOAD is instantly back. So there is a huge difference between running a statement or running it as a script.

How many SQL statements do you have in SQL Recall? As a test you could close Toad, rename SavedSQL.xml, start Toad and try again. Is the statement fast now? If so close Toad, restore your SavedSQL.xml, start Toad and clean out some of them from the “Recent” tab in SQL Recall.

Hi Michael,

this is indeed the issue. I have a max of 500 statements reached as mentioned in the options. After renaming TOAD is a lot faster.The XML file is around 13MB in my case. Can you do something about this or should I better look at my sql’s and save them, or decrease the value in the options?



I would trim down the number of statements saved in Options or manually trim the list you have now. A 13MB file is a very large SQL Recall file and each query executed with F9 will add the SQL to the list, first locating an existing item for that same SQL so that it can maintain the sorting by most recently executed and obey the option for only saving N statements. The file is then written back out to disk.