Quest Script Runner Slow

Hello all:

I have been using Toad for Oracle for many years over many versions. I am currently using Toad for Oracle Xpert version I am using Windows 7 Professional (32bit) Service Pack 1. Within the Editor tools I used to be able to create a long listing of SQL statements (usually either inserts or updates) and then select “Execute via Quest Script Runner” and the commands would issue very quickly and not tie up machine resources. (ISSUE #1) When I run the Quest Script Runner now the statements issues with the same speed that they do in the regular Toad editor interface and I am not able to really do anything else on the machine while the request is being completed. I believe this slowness was introduced with version 10.

(ISSUE #2) Additionally, it seems that even entering the 1,000s of statements into the editor is very slow. I believe this is because Toad Editor is checking syntax.

Does anyone have suggestions or fixes for these observed issues?

Craig William Taylor
Sr. Data Systems Engineer