Toad 9.7 - Spool filename UPPERCASE issue

Hi guys - 1st post here so be gentle.

I have just moved to Toad 9.7 the same as my colleague. When he runs an old script that spools output to CSV file we get everything we need.

When I run the same script all the data is returned but it names the output files and extensions in Uppercase.

Small difference I appreciate but its enough to stop another process that from picking up the files correctly.

I can’t find where I can switch this off - any suggestions?


I just tried this with 9.7 and it kept the case that I entered in the
“save as” dialog. Maybe I misunderstand exactly what you are doing.


I’m not using the save as dialog box or spool from within the TOAD menus. It is part of a fairly large script that contains something like this:

Spool x:\somefile.csv;

what my colleague gets is x:\somefile.csv

When i run the exact same script I get: x:\SOMEFILE.CSV

These files are uploaded onto a server which picks up the files and kicks off some other processes. The uppercase filenames breaks the process.

There must be a setting that is making that happen but I cannot find it for the life of me!

(I also just ran the script in TOAD 8.7 and got lowercase filename output too!)

Oh, I see what you mean now, but I don’t have an answer for you. That
part of Toad belongs to another developer.

Ah! I think I see what is going on.

When I do a spool the first time, the file is created with whatever case I give
it. If I change the case of the filename in my script, but leave the file
in place on my PC, the file is overwritten, but the case of the filename does
not change. I think this is a windows thing. If you delete the file first,
is it created in the correct case?

I just tried that scenario via SQL*Plus and had the same result (it kept the
original file name).

Toad supports the host command so maybe you could add

HOST del x:\somefile.csv

to the beginning of the script.

Thanks guys - everything appears to be working again now.

Looks like it was a windows thing all along.

The assistance is much appreciated!