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File in use error

I was not in debug mode, just running queries. This popped up. File has a query from 2 days ago.


Do you have Spool SQL To File enabled in more than one copy of Toad at the same time?

If you only had it active in one copy of Toad, this is a bug. Please let me know if this was the case, and if so, what were you doing in Toad at the time.

If you had it active in multiple copies of the same installation of Toad, this should be avoided (we have plans for next version of Toad so you can specify output file name and this won't be a problem)

Yes, I do have it set to file. I wanted to see if i can tune a certain db being very slow.

I only have toad opened. (I also checked task manager to verify there is no headless process left over).

I was writing a query and clicked ctrl -"." dot

Thanks. I've identified the problem.

You will probably have better luck with Spool to Screen, until we get this fixed.

I just set it to screen and now toad went to the grey screen. I am not sure if this is related. FYI, this happens a few times per day.

restarted toad. I am back to work.

Hard to say. Sometimes one error begets another. The "not responding" may have been fallout of the "file in use", not sure.

Let us know if you have any more problems.

Will do, do you want me to report when i see the grey screen, again?

Sure, and any additional info you can give about how I might be able to reproduce it will help.

The "File in use" problem is fixed in current beta. And you can specify the filename when you enable Spool SQL to File.