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Toad Automation Crashes When Running Automation Apps


Did some recreation from the beginning, and seem to have fixed the problem from removing a certain schema in the compares. Now I have an actual error message when running on a specific schema.

Failed execution: List index out of bounds (13)


Can you send me a script to create the schema? I don’t need any data. I can PM you my email address so you don’t have to post it here.


Things have been fixed! For those of you who stumble onto this from Google, the solution seems rather specific to our platform, but can help with others. Thanks jdorlon for your suggestions and help.

I first rebuilt the schema compare apps from the ground up, and one by one used process of elimination to find which schemas / DBs were causing issues. There were two main issues, one was the synonym issus jdorlon mentioned earlier, the second seemed to stem from the Options->Storage->Max Size option in comparison. Unchecking this allowed the schema compare to work.


Thanks for the detective work, Adam. I will definitely take a look at the Max Size option and get that fixed.