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Toad Automation FTP - Transfer only most recent file?

Is there a way in Toad Automation Studio's FTP activity to only transfer the most recent file? I am pulling data from an FTP site that keeps historical files and I'm trying to avoidf having to transfer all the files every time. The short time period available is "Last Week" but even this results in lots of files being transferred each time.

Do you have file masking properties? If the file name contains a date part you should be able to limit it just the files with today's day in it (I would use Year Month and Day). I don't use Toad's FTP feature, I just call WinSCP and pass the arguments I want from Toad variables. I found WinSCP easier to use but then I have not gone back and re-tried Toad's FTP for several versions so Toad is probably much better than it used to be but you still may want to check out using WinSCP as a command line option with passed arguments.