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Can the user supply a variable to a toad automation script using. Such as using the set variable.


Yes, Toad’s automation designer has the following actions available to be built
into Toad automation scripts, or apps: create variable, set variable, test
variable, variable prompt. A lot of Toad features which can be automated also
support variables. For example, if you’re automating a data export, open your
export dataset action and r-click in the “file” edit box and select “variable”


I saw the 3 different items that reference variables, However they don’t provide a way to add my own variable, such as I have a variable named “DATE_DIR” I cannot seem to find a way to add this to the optional variable list.

Which version of toad are you on?

Are you referring to the User Variables list in Options > Variables?

Version 10.6.1
the set variable gives two option rman_log_location and rman_backup_location
the variable prompt gives the same options
The test variable has an additional 14 items such as user, pw and DB

Where can I add my date_dir var

All of this is part of the automation designer

The set variable and variable prompt actions only supports user-defined



And keep in mind that you can create your own variable based on any of the
existing system variables defined in options. Example:

User variable MYDAY = system variable %DAY%

Thanks Brad. I got it.