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Variables in automation - export data set

Just getting started with Toad - I'm trying to have a variable prompt ask for a phone number, query a table, then export the data to an excel spreadsheet

I have a query that works in the editor

    select * from PHONE_EVENT_HISTORY
    where PHONE_NUMBER like '%&phone%';

but when I run it through the automation designer/export dataset it seems to not pick up on the variable I set with a variable prompt. Am I approaching this wrong?

Hi Stingray,

Sorry I didn't answer you sooner.

You can set it up like this:

Then run it like this:

or run it like this:

I made the screen shots with version 14.2, but this technique should work in any somewhat recent version (say, 13.x or 14.x)

Let me know if you have any questions.

I have a dropbox folder with some other tips for Automation Designer, Toad, and Oracle. For example, there is a doc in there that tells how to get variable values from a file on your PC and use that for multiple export dataset runs. Hopefully something in there will be helpful.