Toad - Code Tester isue setting up repository

Using Code Tester for Oracle Trying to set up a new repository (1st one) The use existing user option is not visible to check box, only the new user box is visible to checlk, so we can only create with new user/schema which we don't want to do. When I connect to a connection it also doesn't give an option to create a new repository like it should. Instead prompts to use a repository administration command??? Any suggestions ? Thank you.

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I suspect that the database user you're employing to set up the repository does not have sufficient privs for Code Tester to put the repository there. See an excerpt from the Release Notes below regarding Database Requirements... note also that it's recommended that the Code Tester repository be placed in its own schema.

Ok- great, thank you Gary for your speedy reply. I will look into the privileges and see what I can find. Thanks again

Morning Gary, It appears that the user does have all the privileges needed, but we still cannot setup the repository. We also only want to use this one user and one schema for this testing and do it as a private setup so having a separate schema shouldn't be needed hopefully. its not that the use exiting user is grayed out but its not even on the page. Do you have any additional ideas? thank you for your help.

Assuming then that you have all the requirements taken care of, per release notes, I would suggest opening a Support ticket with Quest, please, especially since most of my week is pegged with onsite appointments and travel. (But welcoming other users to chime in here with your inputs ... :wink: ).

Ok- will do. thank you Gary.

Having an issue getting the ticket submitted and that is being handled, but in the meantime, if anyone has any ideas and wants to send them my way- would be much appreciated. So the two issues are labelled below, thank you.

1.When connecting to a schema, instead of asking if I want to install a repository, it says please use a repository administrator command for an appropriate repository task with just an OK button that closes the box

  1. Since it doesnt ask me to connect to a repository, I navigate to database--> install or upgrade Repository. From here under the quest code tester repository installation mode, only 1 radio button is visible which is to create a new user. The other radio button to install into or upgrade existing user schema. It not visible at all. We would prefer this option.

Thank you