Beta Released (

Open / Save Dialogs:

Within the repository view, you can now view information about a user by clicking on the owner name label within the preview window, or by right-clicking an item and selecting “View User Details” from the context menu.

Version Control:

Added Create Connection functionality to SVN provider, to do all SVN Configuration within Toad, and eliminating the need for any extra SVN command line commands before using SVN with Toad.

  • logon displays full SVN Repository URL instead of just the Repository URL

  • user enters the full URL when creating the connection, instead of just he servers repository path. This enables users to copy the URL directly in to Toad to create a connection.

  • added ‘Create local Repository’ - user can create a local repository directly from Toad.

  • added ‘Test Connection’ - Test a connection to ensure a valid URL and login before creating the Logon connection.

  • added an ‘Initial Checkout’ feature that initializes the user workspace when creating a new connections. This eliminates the need for the user to do an initial command line check out of SVN before using SVN with Toad.