Toad Data Modeler. How to work with user groups no physical level.

I am trying to understand how to work with User groups in Toad Data Modeler on the physical level.

From one side we are able to make user member of default database role (user group in TOAD).

But for this scenario we need to create default database role (user group).

As soon as user group is created then we will have sql script generated for this default role. But there is not way to execute this script just because there is no way to add default user role.

So if you have mix of default user roles and not default user roles it looks like that it is very hard to get script which will work on sql server.

Please, let me know if there is any way to solve this issue.

Hi, currently there is no solution for SQL Server models. I created new change request TDM-603 and we will plan that enhancement for future releases.

Thank you,