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Users in Physical Model Explorer

Hi everyone.

I have a problem with Users in Physical Model Explorer.
I don’t have this position in Physical Model in my project, but in sample project “Videorental” it is, and there is no problem to create users.
Also, in “Videorental” and in my project, I can create a new User Groups.

I have 6.3 trial version of Toad Data Modeler and project is based on postgresql 9.0, but in 9.5 is the same problem.

How can I fix it?
Maybe it’s a problem of trial version? For example, I can’t create more than 25 entities.

Hi studentttt,

videorental is Oracle platform, there exist user and user group. In Toad Data Modeler in PostgreSQL use Usegroup instead user(for pg doesn’t exist users). It generate valid sql code “CREATE ROLE…”. All Roles from database are reversed to Usergroups in PG etc.

Reason is conversion to other platform. Role in PG can containt other Roles. It is behaviour that other database platfrom has only for Usergroup. So roles in pg is more usergroups than users.