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Hello Toad World,

I have building an automation script and trying to allow other users to use it on their devices. I have created an export wizard unit to exporting a queries output to a tab delimited file. The template .txp file is saved in shared box file location. Sadly when the new user changes the export template directory to their directory path the automation errors out since it is still pointing to the old directory path (my path). Is there a way to fix this?



TDP 3.3 is a pretty old version of the app. You could try the “embed files into automation script” option. This serializes the export wizard template into the automation script and it no longer needs to be links.


I already have the Embed SQL into Automation Script selected. Is that what you are referring to?


Yes, that is the option I am referring to. If that is working in that version it would not need to access the export template path as it would be embedded.
You mention that the other user changes the export template directory. Why do they want to do this? If embedded they have the template. If it is shared path then they also should have access.
So what does the end user want to accomplish? Use the automation script as an example and make their own script? And what is the error they actually get. Can you post the tas script and output log for further comment?


It seems what I am trying to do is not possible base upon directory issues. Now I got my automation running but it keeps freezing during the export phase when the log reads reads:
“PausingReadThreadWriter finally - adapter.RowsRead”

Do you know how I can keep this from happening when exporting large tab delimited files?


When you export them there is an option or read buffer size. Perhaps you should set this to smaller chunks. We read a chunk of rows and then export them. Exporting to csv is probably the fastest for large exports. Also, when using export I don’t think the logging is insync with the actual exporting. Open up the Background process docked window under the view menu. This tells you more real time processing where the log file probably waits until all is done and them writes the log all at once.


I would like to use csv export but my data has commas in the values. I am currently using tab delimited export. How small should I make the buffer size? Is there anything else I can do. The program itself freezes and does not unfreeze. I let it run over night and it never recovered.


For exporting to csv where the data contains commas, use the “Always quote strings”. The default character is " and will escape any embedded commas.
What version of TDP are you using? And what is the database type? We added buffer optimization to several of the providers that speeds up exports quite nicely. i know we did this for the native oracle and SQL server providers.
How many rows are you trying to export? if it is a 5m or less there should be no problem and we will need you to go to support and see if you have found a bug. If it is 6,7, 10m+ it might just be too big for us to handle. That would be more the area of an ETL tool.