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Issues with the new Export Template

I’m not sure if any of this has been discussed already, but I see 3 problems with using the Export Wizard/Template functionality in Automation (TDP 3.4):

  1. Error: “An item with the same key has already been added.” appears, with no clear reason why, when exporting to Excel
  2. Clicking into Activity Properties panel for Export Template causes template to disappear (deleted?)
  3. Navigating the Wizard forward (Next) and backward (Back) gives inconsistent results.
    All 3 of these are illustrated in the attachment.


For issue#1, it is related to the “Include sql statement in output file” option. I’ve created QAT-2005 for it.

In regards to the forward and backward navigation, since export wizard can accommodate multiple export tasks, the first page “Export object” and last page “Save settings as template” are served as summary pages. On “Export object” page, please click “Add” button on the upper right corner to keep adding new export object, clicking next button will take you to “Save settings as template” page to complete the export template. In order to review/edit an existing export object, please highlight the object then click “Edit” button.

Hope it helps.

Your answer seems to imply that I want to change the template I had earlier created. My question involves simply navigating the pages of a template after it has been created. Maybe the Back button on the ‘Save Settings’ page should just go back to the ‘Export Object’ page to be less confusing (in my eyes anyway). Thanks for the response.

Thank you for your suggestion. I created QAT-2054 for it.

Thanks for that. I found some other issues. When editing a template, if you choose ‘Query File’ at the Select Objects panel and continue to the Next panels, if you return to that choice, it remembers the default ‘Query’, which is quite confusing. Furthermore, it allows you to modify the displayed query but doesn’t retain those changes after you continue on. So it’s really hard to determine if it’s going to use the Query or the Query File. (If Query is chosen, then maybe the input line for the query file should be grayed out) Also, if there is an error found in the query (which can take some time, with no indicator that it’s checking syntax) it moves on to the next panel, instead of re-displaying the Select Objects panel.

This is definitely a bug. I created QAT-2075 for it. However, this is just a bug in wizard. The template will always use the query file not the query you typed.

This bug did not make it into the TDP 3.5 release. We will try to get it into the first TDP 3.6 Beta.