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Toad Data Point 3.3 - Select to File (Excel) with multiple worksheets


In TDA 2.7 the ‘select to file’ activity allowed me to save multiple Excel worksheets within the same workbook. Can the same be done with TDP 3.3? I don’t have the option to input a worksheet name - only method I’ve found was to use the Export activity.

If the new method is using the Export activity, how do I include a row-count variable with the export activity? Thanks

You need to upgrade to 3.4 or go back to 3.2, 3.3 removed those options and 3.4 put it back under the advanced button. Some people need it to be simpler, but the rest of us complained enough so they squezed the functionality back into the next release. Pretty quick response on Dell’s part.

Greg is right. You need to upgrade to 3.4 to use advanced properties.

Thanks - I went ahead and upgraded to 3.4.

But I noticed when launching 3.4 it states I’m using a trial license. Do I need to copy the 3.3 license.key file over to another directory? (Windows 7)

All new install comes with a trial key. As long as you have a valid commercial key, you can ignore it since it will expire and get deleted automatically.