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Toad Data Point 3.8 - Crashes (IBM DB2 iSeries AS/400)

Please help.

I downloaded a trial TDP 3.8 version a couple of weeks ago in order to test it in my company.

I installed it in a few other colleagues PC’s to let them test it with me as well.

We all successfully connected and we started to use it.

It looks very nice and well. We like it but once in a while it crashes and falls without any prior errors or warnings.

We use here:

IBM DB2 iSeries AS/400


Gadi Broitman


We also use IBM DB2 iSeries AS/400 and run into occasional crashes where there is no errors or warnings also through tasks that are running through the task manager. We are running the production version of TDP 3.8. Also, we notice when this happens, the task itself is still running in the task manager, which will be backed up with toad.exe tasks that need to be stopped and removed. Once this is done, we retry the task and it runs absolutely fine the next time. We’ve seen this in previous versions as well, but thought it may just be an issue on our server end, but wanted to definitely give a heads up if others are having extremely similar issues. Thanks Chad King

We also use the same platform with similar results. It is somewhat comforting to know that we are not alone with this issue. The crashes seem to occur almost exclusively within the query builder environment, and don’t seem to follow any predictable pattern. Sometimes I am just scrolling through tables and clicking on them to see the column names.

The crash and restart process can be very frustrating - I have learned to save the query after most every significant step, but I still lose time and need to recreate query revisions.

I have often wondered if there is some kind of connection interruption that is causing the crashes, as what seems to cause a crash one day will work just fine the next thus making the issue very hard to diagnose.

The good news is that once the query is correctly built, it tends to work with no issues, and the automation features are incredible - having saved us a great deal of time.

Perhaps with several of us having the same crashing issue, a solution can be discovered and implemented.

If you have a specific set of steps that always causes the crash you can open a support ticket and we can look into it. To investigate and fix I need to be able to reproduce. Random errors are the most difficult to act on. Let me know if you can narrow it down.

We are currently working on a case with iSeries where code completion is producing a crash. This seems to be a data driven environmental issue. We are working with this user through support and have gathered log files, environmental data, etc.


I had a crash issue this morning, in which the file apparently crashed and shut down. I have error logging on and its supposed to produce an email on error, but never did this. The task does show errors, but I run it again and it runs perfectly fine. I did keep a copy of the log itself, the task event log information, and I can provide hopefully whatever else including task specific information if needed. Where would I go to open up a support ticket regarding this to get it in the hands of the Dell folks? Thanks so much…Chad

Hey Chad... you can either do a Help->Product Support directly within Toad DataPoint, or go directly to TDP's Product Support page via any browser to open your request.

See Snap below. Hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch Gary. I do have a support request submitted for this, which is 3252496. I hope to see if we can isolate and understand this problem. If I receive more information, I will make sure to post for others who may have similar issues. Chad

FYI, Dell has confirmed that this issue is a defect and is raised with their product team as QAT-7199, which will be evaluated by the product team for inclusion in a future release of TDP. I will be updated with new information as it becomes available. It’s just good to know this issue is identified and hopefully resolved in a future release. Chad

Can I clarify something on this thread. When I read this thread from the top there is no mention of the use of automation until Chads post. I want to make sure we aren’t talking about two different issues. Chad we we can’t reproduce your issue but we did make a change and I am trying to get it into the next Beta for you to try.

can the others on this thread let me know if they are using automation when these crashes occur or they are occurring in a different area,.

I don’t recall Toad crashing during an automation. Perhaps we have experienced a crash when setting up an automation, but it that has happened, it was several months ago and nothing like that has happened recently.

The crashes that I have experienced seem to have occurred primarily within the query building operation - either selecting a table, entering or changing a formula, making or modifying a join, etc.

Debbie, you and I spoke a few days ago, and I mentioned at that time that i had not experienced a Toad crash since replacing my desktop computer with an updated version. As of writing this, I think I am going on 2 weeks without a crash. I used to experience a Toad crash nearly every day and sometimes multiple times per day. It would be great if the problem was somehow related to hardware/software on our end (a driver issue or some performance improvement), though it would be best if the issue could be identified for the benefit of other users.

Thanks for the clarification. I am glad you are still in the clear. We are doing work on the ODBC provider. This would include work for iSeries. I think I will request a specific series of tests for iSeries for further investigation. In general TDP is multi-thread and we have found several ODBC drivers that can’t handle this type of activity. In this case we usually have to have the vender fix or turn off multi-threading but that then makes it slower.

Chad, we made a change for your automation hanging. Please download the Beta and try out.…/


I downloaded Version I looked at the release notes and didn’t see anything regarding this issue specifically. Just making sure it is addressed on the version I’m using. Also, quick question, after I migrate all settings and move the automations to this 4.0 version, do I need to open each .tas individually and after it tells me that the script was created using a previous version and to save with the newest version, should I save it with the newest version, or that shouldn’t be an issue? Thanks!!!

Using the 4.0 version, this issue sure appears to be resolved. I hit it hard and heavy with up to 10-12 high usage tasks at a time and it rand wonderfully, without any errors. Great fix! Thanks so much!


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Using the 4.0 version, this issue sure appears to be resolved. I hit it hard and heavy with up to 10-12 high usage tasks at a time and it rand wonderfully, without any errors. Great fix! Thanks so much!

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