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Toad Data Point 4.0.0- Low Priority bug in Transform & Cleanse re Format Rules

Running into a non-urgent issue within Transform & Cleanse in Toad Data Point 4.0.
Specifically, customer today needed a simple way to apply leading zeros to the months part of their date fields.
I proposed a simple Format transformation rule using a customized format mask (See Snap 1 below).
Sample data before applying rule gives a glimpse of what the data will look like,
but the data after applying the rule does not match the sample display.

Snap 2 below shows that I get the desired result by using capped M's instead of lower case.


  1. Want to document the bug in Snap 1 where data after transformation is not rendered according to the Sample.

  2. Can we get documentation or clarity on which mask formatting options we can use within Toad Data Point for certain formatting rules/options?
    Fact that (native) SQL could not be generated (tool tips) suggests that the formatting is done within the product, but I didn't find any explanation in the Help file.
    In this case, I had to iteratively guess my way to the desired end result in Snap 2.

Thanks in advance!

Snap 1: Shows discrepancy between Sample of the proposed re-formatted data before rule application vs. after...

Snap 2: Shows correct mask used in the rule that leads to desired end results...


It seems to me:

  • mm … minute

  • MM … month

If you e.g. configure format at 30/08/2016 03:06:55 PM, you get sample:

. yyyy/0mm … 2016/006

  • yyyy/0MM … 2016/008



Ah, looks like you nailed it. Děkuji, Petr!

Still, would like to see more on this documented.