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Toad data point - "Disable" Sched job


We are running TOAD Data Point on Windows 10. We have several ‘scheduled’ (.tas) jobs in the TOAD Task list. If we Right mouse on a particular job and click ‘Disable’, the job remains Enabled. We checked the Windows Job scheduler, and the job remains enabled there as well. If we ‘Disable’ the job in the Windows Job Scheduler, the job does get Disabled in Toad (the ‘check mark’ is removed from the ‘Enabled’ column when we view the Toad task list). As well, TOAD will not Delete the task or Edit the Task. When we R. Mouse on the Task, the window Opens to let you Delete or Edit the Task, but the task is not actually deleted or updated.


We made several fixes in the job manager for Windows 10. I am not sure if this is one of them. We are posting a new Beta on Friday. Would you be able to download and try?


Hi Debbie,

Yes, I can do that. Job Manager in will let you ‘add’ a new scheduled job, but once it’s added, it won’t ‘keep’ any edits you make to it, or allow you to Delete it, or allow you to Disable it. You
have to do it thru Windows 10 Task Scheduler. The changes made via Task Scheduler, do show up in Job Manager.

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Hi Debbie,

Would you have a link to the Toad Data Point Beta that was released last Friday?


Sure. See below.