Cannot run Scheduled Job after installing Windows 10

Good afternoon:

My computer was recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7. After the update I was no longer able to see my previous existing scheduled jobs in the Job Manager (getting error message). I followed some other user suggestions and went to Tools --> Options --> Job Manager -->
Advanced --> and checked the "Use Task Scheduler 1.0 checkbox. This got rid of the error message but did not allow me to see my previous existing jobs so I attempted to recreate on of them and after i created it and right click it then select “Start Task” I get a windows popup asking “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?” QuestElevations.exe

When i click “Yes” i then get a popup that says Quest Job Management --> The system cannot find the file specified. (exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)

When i go to the C: drive --> program files --> Quest Software --> Toad Data Point 4.3 I see a questelevations.exe file in the folder so I am unsure what file it cannot find.

Thank you in advance for any resolution.


Crystal C.

Can you download our Beta and try the same thing with that version/ Windows changed to version 2 of tasks as well as some other items when moving to Win 10 so we have done several fixes. Toad Data Point 5.0 Beta Program

Good morning Debbie:

Thank you so much for your response. Our tech support downloaded the Beta version of Toad and after going to tools --> options --> and selecting to use task scheduler 1.0 I was able to recreate the task and it ran with no errors. However, it is showing that this version expires on 4/30/2019. How does our university input our license info that expires in 2021 to prevent it from ending on that date so that scheduled jobs can continue to run after April 30th?

Betas are hard coded with expiration date and do not have licensing. The purpose of Betas is to get new features out to users to try. Toad Data Point will have a GA release in mid April. You will need to upgrade to the version and enter your key. That release will have the fixes.

Thank you tremendously Debbie! In this case I will recreate all of our tasks in the Beta version and notify our IT team of the update that needs to be done in mid-april prior to Beta expiration to prevent any issues.

Thank you again!!


Crystal C.

Hi Debbie,

After relaying the information provided, our team is asking a few questions about the GA release that you mentioned for mid April:

  1. Will our current license expiring in 2021 be applicable to that version of TDP?
  2. Should we reinstall 4.3 and it prompt to install the new version when available?
    and if we have to manually install new version, can it be done on an individual level or will the entire group of licensed users need to do so?

Your 2021 license will apply.
Any version of TDP will notify the user that there is a new version when it is available. Each user can download and install individually or many companies have their IT push out the same release to multiple clients.

I have run into another issue with the task scheduler in toad now that i have updated to TDP 5.0 Beta. When I open TDP and go to Tools --> Administer --> Job Manager when i click the checkbox next to my server, the play button within that server is orange and task never run…however, if i right click TDP 5.0 from shortcut on my desktop and click to run as administrator and follow same steps then it is green and allows me to run my task my right clicking the task and selecting start task.

However, because these tasks are scheduled to run, It does not run as administrator and the tasks never execute. Also, when i click to run as an Administrator I am unable to open any of my sql code which is stored on our network drive. I am only able to see those network drives and access those files if I run TDP 5.0 without running as an Administrator.

Is this something that you have seen or able to guide me on? Please let me know if you would like for me to provide any screenshots of what I am experiencing.

Thank you in advance.

Let me get contact some of the developers for this piece of code and have them respond.

Thank you very much! That will be very helpful! I did a test by recreating another scheduled job and I saved the .tas and other sql files needed for the job on my local computer and the scheduled job were able to run successfully. However, if the files are saved on our network drive which is where we have to store our files then it does not execute because TDP 5.0 does not have access any of the network drives when it is ran as an administrator. So, If I could get instruction on how to get TDP 5.0 to be able to access our network drives when ran as an Administrator that may solve our issue if the scheduled jobs has to be ran as Administrator.

That actually sounds like a task for your IT department. It does not make sense that you cannot access a network drive with elevated privileges but can otherwise.
Can you clarify, if you run TDP as administrator can you access the files on network from the File menu? Meaning, when you are not using automation and not using a scheduled job but running TDP as Admin do you have this same access issue?

No, if I right click TDP and select "run as an administrator" then click "Open" I am unable to see any of our network drives or access any files located there. However, if I just open TDP without selecting to "run as an administrator" then select "Open" I am able to see the network drives and select files located there to open them in TDP.

Thank you in advance.


Put simply your issue is caused by running TDP under a security context that allows local administrative access. Which is what "run as administrator" does. An application started that way receives an "administrator" token good for local access. I won't go over the differences in security tokens and how they are assigned here other than to say that this token is not setup to access network resources even if you are. Which is why access to network shares works when you start TDP under your own account and fails when TDP is "run as administrator".

You'll need to work with your windows team to address this issue as the workaround depends on how your system is setup, what security settings your team wishes to implement and may require editing your registry.

You may find the below link helpful. The section titled “Detail to configure the EnableLinkedConnections registry entry” may be of use in your situation. Please note that care should be taken whenever you edit your registry. You may wish to work with your windows team before proceeding.

Hope this helps,


Here is another link that may help in understanding the cause of your issue.