Toad Data Point 5.2 creating huge trace files

I have a colleague using Toad Data Point 5.2 and it's creating a large amount of big trace files in this location: C:\users\lanid\Oracle\oradiag_lanid\diag\clients\user_lanid\host_1346709957_110\trace

I've seen this happen for Toad for Oracle but the SQLNET editor there already has trace files turned off. Also that location is different than above.
I've not been able to find out how to stop Toad Data Point from creating these trace files and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do the trace files have a .trc extension or .log extension?

if .trc,
then as a user of Toad Data Point for a while, I don't think TDP is creating the (presumably Oracle) trace files automatically. It's possible that the end user, if they have privs, could be turning on Oracle trace (e.g. at a session level?) from within TDP, however. Should check with the user.

If .log,
then it's possible that TDP is creating logs for TDP's own activity if the user turned on the "spooling" feature within TDP (Tools-> Execution Trace -> To File .... per snap below). Check if the user perhaps forgot to turn off TDP's spooling facility.

Thank you,
I will have the user check this.

User said he doesn't have execution trace checked as in your screenshot.
His files are .trm and .trc
The .trc ones are the large ones.

I tried adding a screenshot but for some reason it's not allowing me to upload.

OK. These are definitely Oracle trace files, but unless the user has permissions to start trace, and s/he specifically issues the command to start/stop the tracing session, then these files are not coming from TDP.

It might be possible that your DBA is turning on trace when certain users' sessions connect to the database. Should verify with your DBA if you haven't already.

Otherwise, has anyone opened the trace files to verify what has been traced, and where the activity might be coming from? If anyone is using Toad for Oracle with DB Admin module, there is a nice Trace File Browser that can make quicker work of perusing trace files... otherwise, you can open with Notepad or similar.

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