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Toad Data Point 5.5 Log Files

Toad Data Point 5.5 Automation Task creates the log files with Date Timestamp on it.

Is there any way to create log files without the Date/Timestamp on it ??

Doesn't seem to be any option to diss the timestamp, neither from the Automation Settings nor in the general options base.

Does including the timestamp cause an issue?

Issue is it will create log file for each run with timestamp and we have to manually clear the log files to avoid disk space issue. This was not the case in 5.3 TDP. So, it just overwrites the log file.

OK... added an enhancement request in our internal tracking system... Would be good for you also to create an entry in TDP's Idea Pond

Hi, i'm using 5.5 and no timestamp to my log files! Log files are saved in specific public folder an "truncate log" is checked.

We recently upgraded to 5.5 and I noticed the same thing. However, it only seems to add the timestamp if Verbose logging is selected.

I was mistaken, switching to Basic logging doesn't help, it's still appending a time stamp to the log file even though 'Truncate Log' is checked. This is a real problem.

When you run an automation from the Toad Data Point automation window the log file will not have a date/time stamp. When you run from the windows scheduler, it will.

Julie, yes, we just noticed that it adds the timestamp only when run from the scheduler. However, that was not true in 5.1 Base, which is what we just upgraded from. In 5.1, it never added a timestamp whether run inside of TDP or from the Windows Task Scheduler, if Truncate Log was checked.

Is this a bug? Why would it add a timestamp when it didn't before and when Truncate Log is checked? This means we will have to add functionality ourselves to remove no longer needed log files.

I will look into it and if the functionality changed between versions we can address in a future release.