Toad data point automatically querying Teradata connections

My Toad datapoint is executing the following command in the background for Teradata connections.

I do not see any queries running in background processes however I can see the query running in view point.

SELECT * FROM DBC.FunctionsVX WHERE DatabaseName = ? AND FunctionType = ‘F’ ORDER BY FunctionName;

How can I stop this behavior?

I think the tool is trying to populate the object explorer by querying the DBC tables in Teradata. However these queries seems to be kicked off at regular intervals and is making the teradata system overall slow.

You are correct that TDP executes this query and other similar ones to populate and refresh Object Explorer.

May I ask what version of Teradata you use?

I’d suggest using so called non-X view. They are usually much faster than X-views.

Go to Tools|Options|Database|Teradata and check Use Non-X views in Object Explorer.

If only this query causes performance issue and you don’t need Functions tab then you can remove it and the query will not be executed.

Go to Tools|Options|Explorer|Objects select database type as Teradata on the right side and uncheck Functions.