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Hi, everyone, I hope toad data point automation uses the Oracle database remote server for PL\sql to the local MySQL database, I ask you this how to achieve, or what good advice, thank you!


Can you describe what task you would like to accomplish?


Hello, thank you to help me, I wish to remove the report imported from SAP to my MySQL (A server), where report is Oracle (B server table) some of the stored procedure to build up, but I don’t want to put in the Oracle stored procedure, namely the production server, I hope in my own mysql, do not know whether the toad can be achieved, or you can help me?


In addition, I now realize is the following steps: 1, in the Oracle database (B server) in the stored procedure to establish a solid table; 2, through the query function on the above production entity table query, the report, report as table into my MySQL data center (A server). So, if the data is general to lead to Oracle data overflow, the realization of the stored procedure in the first step directly to my data center MySQL (A server), thank you!




If you want to import data into Oracle from another data do the following:

  1. Connect to oracle (or destination server).

  2. From Tools open up an Import wizard and Add a Query.

  3. Choose the connection where the data is coming from (MySQL) and enter query that will generate the rows.

  4. Provider table name and if a new table you can change the columns.

  5. Import the data.

If you only want to join the data of two disparate databases then use Cross-Connection query. Here you can join Oracle and MySQL tables in the same SQL query.


Sorry I don’t understand your meaning. I hope that as a stored procedure in MySQL and calls to the remote server data in oracle… Or Oracle for PLSQL but the result set directly into mysql, do not know whether this is feasible, whether there are examples, thank you!


If I understand you task correctly you should do the following

  • Run PL/SQL procedure and store the result set in Oracle.

  • Use Debbie’s suggestion to import the result set from Oracle into MySql. Just remember she described how to import from MySQL into Oracle so you have to interchange Oracle and MySql in the post. Save the import as a template.

Now you can use Automation to create a script that performs those tasks.

The first activity should be Execute Script, the second one is Import Wizard.

Hope it’ll help you