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Toad Data Point Database Lookup Performance

Is there a way to improve the performance of the database lookup feature of the import wizard? Ideally if you already know the database and table you're accessing you should be able to type it in. On a large enterprise data warehouse it can take forever to find the correct database even when using the name filter. It's pretty impractical to have to wait for a query when you already know what you need to connect to. Surely I can't be the first person to encounter this.

If the name filter isn't used a list is returned surprisingly quickly, but then it appears to take some time to connect. However, perhaps the name filter has some issues because I have tried LIKE, EXACT, and other variations and it takes forever to find something that's right under its nose.

This post should go in the Toad Data Point forum, not Toad for Oracle. I'll move it.

which database is it related to? SQL Server? For the upcoming release we've improved the speed of import on SQL Server.

I'm primarily working with Oracle and Teradata.