Import Wizard Can Be A Nightmare

I have an ETL process between Oracle and Teradata that should be fairly straight-forward. However the name filter works at a snails pace when trying to set up a target. It would be so much easier if you could just input the connection names by hand rather than wait for TDP to do the look-up. The db list it's querying isn't so great that it should take 20 minutes to respond and then subsequently take another 5-10 minutes to look up tables within it. It seems to respond best if you don't use the name filter, but it still takes forever to load. It's very inefficient in that respect and a bit of an obligatory time-waster. Also what is going on when the wizard finds a table, but won't allow the next button to be clicked? The source fields in the data mappings don't respond and are sluggish. Then the wizard itself will not cancel because TDP is doing something in the background and won't respond. The only option is to kill the whole process.

My question is whether or not there's a way to bypass all this?