Toad Data Point Error - OData: HTTP 404 Not Found

I am getting Error while Importing Data From Sharepoint List to Oracle Database , the Columns of the List in Sharepoint are Visible but when we click on Data it Says MY SQL DB ERROR followed by OData: HTTP 404 Not Found.


With what method/s are you using to connect to Oracle and Sharepont?
Just guessing on the basis of your error message, but it appears that the URL to Sharepoint may not be correct (even though you are seeing the columns, which could be due to caching?)

Hi Gary I am using the Sharepoint Link followed by /_vti_bin/listdata.svc
and Selecting Sharepoint Online . I am able to access other Lists from the Sharepoint List in Toad Data Point

I have two Points where I suspect this issue is coming from
a) The Lists where I am not able to Read data were recently added with People Picker Columns . The People Picker Columns Shows Manager Name , Employee Name in the Share Point Front End but in the Lists it stores it as Employee Id , Manager ID etc.
Toad Data Point Picks both the Columns Name and Id but in the Lists Name Columns Does not Exist.

b) The Number of Columns in the List Exceeds 200 Columns is there any limitation on the number of Columns?