Toad hanging up

after using Toad to pull some data i frequently have the software hang or lock. i am running version Toad i dont seem to have a pattern as to when it happens, some days its after an excel export, others its during a query, and sometimes it does it when its not in use while i am at a meeting. there are other times when the system will just terminate itself. we are all having the same issues our systems are all identical Gateways running XP pro, Intel Dual Core 2.2ghz with 2 gigs of memory, any thoughts as to why i (we) are having this issue, anyone else experiencing this??? thanks

We have made many improvements since version 1.1. Please download 2.1 which address many of these items.


I am running version and my sessions continually hang. I am sometimes forced to restart the application 3-4x daily. Is there a patch or newer version that addresses this issue. Several co-workers have the same problem as well.

There are no known issues of sessions hanging. The next time it occurs can you take a full screenshot of the application so I can see what is going on? Also a screenshot of the resources tab from the task manager?

In the mean time please go to the Help About and generate a support bundle. You can change the email address and send to me directly. I need the zip file that this generated to review the error logs.