Toad Data Point HTML Output Format

Does TDP have a way to format HTML output aside from having to concatenate two files together around it and apply CSS to it? The default format is not ideal for all situations.

we don't have anything like that. Can you describe more what you'd like to be able to do?
Can you post some screenshots?

We had to prepare an automated mailer to go out to the sales force and the output of the data needed to be inserted into a customized email. We've since come up with a solution using powershell to concatenate a header and footer around the table output, but we also had to use find and replace to insert inline styles into the HTML. The table by itself looked raw and lacked any control over the style, but this works though we're limited in some respects. Some basic style formatting on table output would allow us to design the table to fit with other content as needed.

So, would you like to be able to use something like a designer or only browse and select a CSS file? We'll need to discuss here, what's feasible.

For our purposes we just need to be able to apply inline styles to whatever table is output so the style is consistent with the rest of the email layout. We can't predict the mail client it will be viewed with so we need to be able to apply inline styles directly to the table since not all clients can resolve css. We would want full control over any styles that are applied rather than let a style editor interpret it.