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Add HTML to Toad Data Point Reports


I have a Toad Data Point report that posts in HTML to our website every ten minutes. I would like to add something like “” to force the browser to refresh every time it loads.

Is it possible to insert some HTML into the section of the reprort?


After you create the html try using the Find and Replace activity. You can search for some tag near where you want to insert and then replace it with the original tag plust your insert.



Perhaps I did not make my problem clear. I have a TDP report. Using Automation and Scheduling, I run this report in HTML format to a file and upload that file to our web server evey ten minutes.

Theproblem is that most browsers will cache this page so that an out of date version of the page appears unless the user forces a refresh.

WhatI would like to do is insert the refresh code every time the report is run inside TDP. Are there any controls or functions available that wouldallow me to manage how TDP outputs an HTML file?


No, there are no properties of the Toad Data Report that do this. But it is just a text file. Before you copy over to the server, why couldn’t you edit the file with find and replace?

If you like, send me a sample of the html file that is produced by Toad Report. Also, send one that has the additional tags in it. With this I can see if I can add to the automation script an acitvity that can do what you need.



I did not understand your comment at first. Using Find and Replace from the File Activities selection in TDP Automation works perfectly.

You learn something new everyday. Thanks, Debbie!