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Toad Data Point 3.4 - How do I format output in excel


I have spent about 20hrs trying to do the following:

After my SQL script is run and the the output is sent to excel, I format the out put and then email myself the report (automation) but the formatting file never gets emailed. I ALWAYS receive the email without the excel formatting I did.

Is it possible to save the formatting of the excel file so I can email out my reports to a distribution list?



I think the easiest way to do this is to have an excel macro which does your formatting. You can then call the macro after you have done the export from wihtin TDP. How are you emailing the report?


spligosh, I actually just started looking at macro formatting, thanks for the help.

My goal is to email the report through TDP but until I can format my reports I am just dumping them to my desktop and then working on them.


We have a new feature in 3.4 release which allows setting the format in “Select columns” page in export wizard. Hope this helps.


Kiki thanks for the response, I was looking more to fomat the data in the way I could dump the raw data to one excel sheet and then create 2 or 3 reports from it.


As spligosh suggested, macro in Excel may works for you.