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Will Data Point allow me to run a Oracle store procedure in Object Explorer - automate the process and allow me to output the results to a text delimited file. Will I need to use dbms_output.put_line utility in the procedure script?



There is an action in the object explorer where you can execute a function that returns a refcursor, This will display a result set in the SQL editor. Ref cursor support is only in the SQL Editor and not available in automation. In that case I would suggest your procedure to insert into a table that you can select from to do the export to file.

Does your stored procedure update a table or does it just select data for output? If it is basically a query just copy the sql and put it in an export wizzard and automate it. If it is updating tables put the code that updates the tables in an execute script step followed by the export wizzard step for the results part of the stored procedure. IMHO, Toad can automate anything it is just a question of how.