Query Error In Toad Data Point 5.7

I recently upgraded to 5.7 when is was pushed to me from my technology department. 5.7 has a flaw that makes it unusable unless there is a workaround to fix it. When one pulls data and has a reasonable limiter, like 1000 records, it works fine. But if one pulls back the 1000 records and then wants to then see ‘all’ records by changing the limiter to 'all' it throws an ‘invalid character in path’ error and stops the query. This happens in both Query Builder and Editor. There is nothing wrong with the data as the exact same query works in Toad 5.3 and in Teradata Sql Studio.

Hey Jim, sorry that you're experiencing this issue... I just did a quick search in the Quest Knowledge Base for TDP and didn't see any articles addressing this symptom.

Assuming that nothing has changed between executing the query in TDP 5.3 and 5.7 (e.g. connection credentials hasn't changed, database config hasn't changed, etc.) then you'll need to pass this to the Quest Support team:


Was this issue ever resolved? We just got force upgraded to 5.7 and are having the same trouble. It makes it completely unusable.

Have not seen this issue, and there are no articles in the TDP Knowledge Base on Quest's Support site. Recommend the following...

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of TDP if possible (latest is 6.0.x), and see if this doesn't fix the issue.
  2. If issue still exists even after upgrading, please submit a Support ticket at
    so that Quest Support and Dev teams can document the issue and prioritize the resolution.

ooh, nice... wonder if it's working for others who might be experiencing the same issue? Would be good to see some posted replies here to confirm...

Simple fix. Within Tools > Options, Restore defaults. This fixed the issue for our team.

I did not add the full path for this fix: Tools > Options > Database > General.....then click on "Restore Defaults"